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1. Unique photography from the 2018 season

In this book I am presenting three views of the world championship motocross. First, photos from the 2018 season where we enjoyed an incredible year witnessing the rise of Jorge Prado and maybe the fastest grand prix racer ever, Jeffrey Herlings. 

There is also more to the grand prix racing than action photos. The additional challenge riders face with new countries and cultures, different languages and even new foods. Are the fans in far away locations the same as us? How do the tracks compare with the classics like Namur, Loket and Lommel? In my work I spent as much or more time off the track and in the crowds as I did in the first corner, and with it, I'm presenting a new view of motocross.

2. Interviews with legendary world champions

Did you know that Harry Everts was born with Polio and kids in the neighbourhood made fun of him growing up? Or that his son, Stefan Everts, the greatest world champion of all time, simply wanted to better his father's record of four world championships? How does David Thorpe, the three time 500cc world champion, feel today about being called the world's fastest novice by the Americans? What was Joel Smets's secret for starting motocross at 17 years old and still winning five world championships? 

Through lengthy interviews at home with these greats, I also probe their beliefs on how one can become a world champion in the first place. The result of these interviews is a sensational insight into the minds of champions and a roadmap for your own ambitions, whatever they may be.

3. Stories from the road

Covering 15 rounds of the series saw me travel 80,000 kilometers through 24 countries and 3 continents. Along the way I wrote books of notes describing what I saw and experienced in these far flung locales. 

My goal with these three views is to give you a deeper understanding of what the grand prix series is really like today and to understand the mind of champions. After all the effort to make this I am happy with how the book has turned out and I believe you will be too. 

Thank you for your interest in my work and enjoy the book!


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Racer X Illustrated Readers Have Voted


In an online poll, Racer X Illustrated readers have voted the December 2018 issue, featuring Jeffrey Herlings on the cover, as their favourite of the year. Will To Victory author Roddy MacLeod made the photo at the grand prix of Trentino. The reader survey was conducted by the magazine in October with MacLeod winning more than 26% of the votes cast.

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Gatedrop.com asks Roddy MacLeod about his start in photography, his goals for the book and what surprised him during the 2018 grand prix season. They also talk about MacLeod's award winning cover on Racer X Illustrated magazine.

MXVice.com interview with Will To Victory author Roddy MacLeod

MXVice.com Interview with Roddy MacLeod

MXVice.com was the first online platform to get enthusiastic about my new book and they did an interview with me back at the grand prix of Turkey. Lewis Philips and I walked the track while he asked me questions about the book, what I'm doing and my history in the sport. Go on over to mxvice.com and give them a read...


Plons (Red Bull, mxworld.be)

Sorry to tell you, but this book will make your brain work. Your eyes will see something and it will take some time to filter into your brain. Your brain will tell you to look again, and better.

This book is not for the swipe generation. But maybe some of them will stop the time and learn to look at a picture again and again.

I am proud to know Roddy, my soul is happy to see that there are still people that have the guts to go back to less is more and make the brain and the eyes work again.

This is a book I wished I made and thats the best compliment I can give.

Geoff Meyer (MXLarge.com)

Roddy MacLeod isn't in grand prix motocross for financial gain or fame, like so many. No, he has a passion for the sport and its beauty. He can see the little smile of confidence in Jeffrey Herlings, or the look of worry from another competitor. 

Be it his legendary image from Namur, or something he shot at the back of the paddock when nobody was watching, Roddy MacLeod sat with emotion, knowing that he caught something special. 

It is for these reasons this book is a must for any motocross fan. Motocross might be about action and drama, but behind all that are insecurities and deep loss. Roddy catches that, and not many photographers in the sport can do that.

Valerio Piccini (HRC Press Officer)

Roddy's photos add an extra lens to the world of motocross racing, magnifying details otherwise missed by others while trying to find a different angle to tell stories otherwise untold. 

His photography is about zooming in and panning out, steping aside and going somewhere other photographers wouldn't. It's street photography applied to sports and it's done wonderfully, you feel like you are there looking at that same point. 

Bavo Swijgers (Freelance photographer)

Life, light, bikes, everything goes fast. Sometimes we forget to stand still and enjoy the beauty of it.

Roddy doesn't just make pictures, he manages to capture moments.


Belgian grand prix at Namur, 2005

I first photographed the legendary Namur track in 2004 and when I got home, I didn't like the photos. Compared to the massive and historic setting, the photos just didn't do the location any justice. In 2005 I was determined to capture the grandeur of this track which first hosted grand prix motocross in the 1940's. 

It was raining and cold Saturday morning so action photos were out of the question. I then spied a perch, far from the track, and walked over there to make this picture. Some weeks later a Racer X magazine editor had the photo on his desktop when the magazine's founder, Davey Coombs, happened to walk past and saw the photo. The next month it was in the magazine and so began my long relationship with Racer X Illustrated.

The first 500 customers pre-ordering Will To Victory will also receive this print (20 x 28 cm/8 x 10") signed by the author.


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